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Art of Summoning
Corporate Leaders
Imprisoned Warriors
Cards That Are Considered Other Cards or Card Types
A Few Important Distinctions


Since an Apostle is considered a warrior, and I have no other warriors out, does that mean that I can't be attacked until I get another warrior out?
Sorry, not any more. The new rules state that a player may be attacked unless there is a warrior WHO MAY BE IN COMBAT in play. Because Apostles cannot be in combat, you MAY be attacked!

Are Apostles considered FOLLOWERS of themselves?
Unfortunately, no. While in "literal" terms they would obviously have effects on themselves, in "GAME" terms they are not designated FOLLOWERS of themselves. In other words, ALGEROTH is NOT a FOLLOWER OF ALGEROTH. They would just be too grim!! The only “Followers of Algeroth” in the game are those cards that specifically state FOLLOWER OF ALGEROTH in their card texts. We do it that way on purpose!

On CARDINAL DOMINIC it says "May only attack the Dark Legion warrior with the highest D". Since an Apostle is a warrior, Dominic must attack it. But he can't. So does that mean he's worthless until you get rid of the Apostle?
A good question. In this case, DOMINIC (and the ETOILES MORTANT) may attack the Dark Legion warrior in play with the highest V that may BE attacked.


If I use an APOSTATE, or other Brotherhood warrior completely turned to the Dark side, to cast a SUMMON TROOPER, he may only pull out a Dark Legion warrior?

What happens if the Brotherhood warrior is only "tainted" (and is therefore a Dark Legion warrior but still has his Doomtrooper status - like with a TAINTED card). May the Brotherhood warrior Summon either Doomtroopers or Dark Legion warriors?
Yes. In this case, the Brotherhood warrior is a Dark Legion spy, and may cast spells for either group. Just make sure the Inquisitors don't find out about it...

What if I use VALPURGIUS to cast this, since he can cast any spell on any warrior, does that mean he may bring either a Doomtrooper or a Dark Legion warrior out?
Yes. Who knows what his schemes are, but if he wants to put CARDINAL DOMINIC in play, he can do it with a SUMMON HERO!

On CRENSHAW THE MORTIFICATOR'S card, it says he can cast all aspects of the Art. Does this, now include the Art of Summoning?
Yes. Any warrior that may cast "all" Art spells may also cast the Art of Summoning spells, and any other aspect we may come up with in the future.


Since a CORPORATE LEADER is considered a warrior, and I have no other warriors out, does that mean that I can't be attacked until I get another warrior out?
Sorry, not any more. The new rules state that a player may be attacked unless there is a warrior WHO MAY BE IN COMBAT in play. Because Corp Leaders cannot be in combat, you MAY be attacked!


Regarding the CULTISTS, the case by case thing, how long does this effect last? So even during the same turn, or depending upon the cards being played "at the same time", this warrior may be either Dark Legion or a Doomtrooper?
Basically, this has to do with when you play cards (mostly Special cards). For instance, you could say "it's a Doomtrooper" and slap on a JOY OF VICTORY and then right afterwards say "it's a Dark Legion warrior" and play CHOSEN. The affects are basically "instantaneous". But the best way to think of it is that the current affiliation remains until it is changed. However, this ability is essentially a constant "interrupt", which means you can change it at will at any time (like for combat purposes). OK, I’m sorry I used the word “interrupt” right after I slammed the whole concept in the TIMING section above. The CULTISTS will become very grim very fast. Kill them quickly!

Also can CULTISTS choose to be neither or both affiliations?
No, they must be one or the other.

Can CULTISTS receive corporate affiliations?
Yes, they are Doomtroopers.

Since CULTISTS are put in your Squad, they may not benefit from HIDEOUT or SEWERS, correct?

If a player plays ESSENCE OF RECTITUDE (which forces a Heretic to discard all of it’s Dark Symmetry cards) can I switch a CULTIST to Doomtrooper status and avoid the RECTITUDE?
No! Notice that CULTISTS are have either Doomtrooper affiliation or Dark Legion affiliation, but they are ALWAYS considered Heretics!!! They are ALWAYS affected by cards that target Heretics. Hey, we write them that way on purpose! : )


Are Freelancers considered Doomtroopers?
Yes. But they are Doomtroopers who may attack ANY warrior (even Brotherhood) and may only earn Destiny Points - not Promotion Points.

Do Freelancers have affiliation? Are they subject to the limitations and bonuses of a given corporate affiliation or not?
Freelancers do not have any affiliation, per se, but hey do have something like a “half-affiliation”. They have ties to their ex-employers, and can gain the bonuses from cards limited to that employer’s warriors, but for a cost. I’ll answer by example: The EX-BAUHAUS FREELANCER may have Bauhaus-only effects at the cost of 3 Destiny Points WHEN THE CARD IS PLAYED. This means that the Freelancer can have a VIOLATOR SWORD by spending 3D. He can also gain the +2 bonus to A from HEIMBURG if 3D is spent WHEN THE CARD IS PLAYED, so the Freelancer can gain the +2 to A from HEIMBURG if you spend 3D when you add HEIMBURG to your squad. You do not have to spend the 3D each time you want to use the effects; the effects always work if the 3D is spent when the card is played. However, another EX-BAUHAUS FREELANCER added after HEIMBURG is played may not get the bonus, as he wasn’t around WHEN THE CARD WAS PLAYED. Remember, the Freelancer must already be there when the affiliated card is played!


Some cards allow you to IMPRISON opposing player’s warriors. When a warrior is IMPRISONED, it is considered “out of play”, but is still on the table. The prisoner may not attack, be attacked, perform actions, or receive card effects. It just sits there, unable to do anything. Also, it does not count as being “in” the Squad/Kohort, so cannot prevent warriors from attacking the player. For example, suppose you attack my Bauhaus warrior, and I in turn IMPRISON that warrior with my BAUHAUS COP. I take your IMPRISONED warrior and place it under my COP, who holds the card prisoner. The warrior just sits there, effectively out of play, until such a period where he returns to your Squad/Kohort (usually through card play, or in this case, by killing my BAUHAUS COP).


Because Relics are not considered Equipment, may I give ARMOR and WEAPON Relics to a warrior in a VEHICLE, or one who is considered a VEHICLE, or affected by another card that doesn't allow Equipment to be used?
Tricky! Actually, yes, you may! Because Relics are NOT Equipment, and since most VEHICLES restrict Equipment cards, the Relic may use used. However, ARMOR Relics may not be used with VEHICLES and such that specifically restrict ARMOR, since this card is designated as ARMOR. Enjoy that one! I common scheme is to give a GRIZZLY BATTLE TANK the ARMOR OF THE TRUE ASSASSIN. Ugly!


Some cards will state CONSIDERED A [THING] on them. This indicates that the card is also assumed to be the thing it mentions, in addition to what it truly is. The purpose of these additional “considerations” will come out through card play.

Whenever a warrior is considered a different kind of warrior, it is in NAME ONLY. Special abilities and such do not transfer over. For example, the CALLISTONIAN CONQUEROR is “considered a CALLISTONIAN INTRUDER.” This means that the Conqueror is affected by cards that affect Intruders, but it does NOT mean that the Conqueror gains any special abilities listed on the Intruder card. Those abilities do not magically “transfer” to the other card! In other words, a card ONLY has the abilities written on its card, plus any abilities SPECIFICALLY provided by other cards.


The wordings on DOOMTROOPER cards are carefully thought out to ensure that there is as little confusion as possible. Sometimes a single word will speak volumes! Here are some words to look out for!


Many cards are played on or attached to other cards. Sometimes what they are played on is very specific, like “Attach to an opponent’s warrior”. Other times it can be more generic. Two words that are often used are “your” and “any”. “Your” is pretty obvious. If a card may be played on “your warrior” then it may only be played on a warrior card in your Squad or Kohort.

Some cards use the word “any.” When a card may be played on or attached to “any” of a certain thing, that mean any one of that thing in play. So if a card states that you may “Attach to any warrior” then you may attach that card on any warrior in the game. You may attach it to your warrior or even an opponent’s warrior.


When a card may “not” have or do something, that means it many not “normally” have or do the thing, but it may be “forced” to do that thing through other means. For example, a warrior that “may not Attack Brotherhood warriors” may not make a normal Attack action against a Brotherhood warrior. But if the warrior was “forced” to Attack a Brotherhood warrior through Special card play, that is allowed.

When a card may “never” have or do something, that means NEVER. In the example above, a warrior who “may never Attack Brotherhood Warriors” may NEVER do it, and may not be “forced” to do it through Special card play, either.

Here’s another example. The card CHOSEN may be attached to a Dark Legion warrior and allows that warrior to be Bestowed with Dark Symmetry cards. That card may NOT be played on a warrior who “may never be bestowed with Dark Symmetry cards” because it wouldn’t do any good. The word NEVER always takes precedence!


In a related concept, some cards may “always” do something. For example, SHADOW WALKERS “always” attack their opponents first in combat. But what happens if that opponent has an ability that says “its opponents may NEVER strike first”? Which takes precedence? The NEVER does. NEVER is more powerful than ALWAYS.


This one is pretty obvious, but I’m including it her to drive it home. If a card tells you that you MAY do something, it is only optional. You do not have to do it. However, if a card tells you that you MUSt do something, you don’t have a choice, you must do it.


Many cards affect the ratings of warriors and other cards. Whenever a card affects a rating, it affects the MODIFIED rating of the card, UNLESS the affecting card states that it affects the BASE rating. In this case, it affects the initial rating printed right on the card FIRST, and then other modifiers are applied. The same is true when making “comparisons”. For example, if a card tells you to spend Destiny Points equal to the Value of a warrior, it means the MODIFIED V rating, unless is specifically states BASE V.


Fortifications are only an example, but here is the whole thing. I’ll start with an example. The ESTABLISH DEFENSIVE PERIMETER Mission card states that “For every different Fortification card you bring into play you earn one Promotion Point.” The PORTABLE FORCE SHIELD is an Equipment card that is “Considered a Fortification.” The BODYGUARD is a Warrior card that is “Considered a Fortification.” Will these cards work for the ESTABLISH DEFENSIVE PERIMETER mission?

The answer is no. The difference is that the Mission specifically states Fortification CARD. The PORTABLE FORCE SHIELD is not a Fortification CARD, it is an Equipment CARD that is also affected by things that affect Fortifications. The BODYGUARD is not a Fortification CARD, it is a warrior CARD. See the difference?

Be sure to look for the designation CARD. It can have a major impact on your game. For example, if a card affects Fortifications, then it will effect any card that is designated as a Fortification, even the BODYGUARD. But if the card effect states that it affects Fortification CARDS, then it will only work on actual fortification cards (those with brown backgrounds and with a Pillar as the Card Type icon).

The biggest thing to remember here is with VEHICLES. Vehicle CARDS refer to Equipment CARDS that are designated as Vehicles. So a card affects VEHICLES, then it will effect any card that is designated as a Vehicle, even the GRIZZLY BATTLE TANK. But if the card effect states that it affects VEHICLE CARDS, then it will only work on actual Equipment cards that are designated as VEHICLES.