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I haven't been involved in the gaming industry for a few years, but I'm still getting emails and questions from players all over the world. I took my old site offline, and since then there has been a rush of questions asking to bring it back. So here you go!

One thing that I get asked a lot is "where can I find cards?" Well, Target Games doesn't support any of these games anymore, and most retail stores have liquidated any stocks they had. The best source I've found is eBay, and you can usually find some pretty good deals (I know of one player who picked up 20 boxes of Doomtrooper Unlimited boosters for $40). Good luck!

With my new schedule, I typically don't have a lot of time to support these games anymore, so please don't be offended if I'm not able to get back to you liekI used to. I hope these pages are still useful to you, and if I ever have 2 seconds to rub together, I just may go through these pages and add a thing or two!

What am I doing now? I currently work for a marketing agency in Madison. I did some work for a friend of mine who owns Corsair Publishing and created a REALLY COOL miniatures game called Dragon Hordes for themabout 2 years ago, and that did pretty well, but not great. Same story - it got great reviews but not many people bought it. Story of my game career - except for Doomtrooper :-). I really haven't done anything game-related since. Busy with teh new baby. As my buddy Matt Forbeck once told me, "Screw the Peace Corp, parenthood is the toughest job you'll ever love" (very true). When I have time I've been teaching myself programming, and you may actually see a couple of Mac programs on these pages in the near future. Sorry, I don't do Windows. :-)

Finally, I want to thank every one of you for supporting me and my games over the years. It was great time!

- Bryan Winter

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